Heritage Testing Ltd

Independent commercial laboratory & test consultancy
Consulting Historic Buildings, Environmental & Materials Scientists
Serving the private, public, conservation, commercial & industrial sectors

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Heritage Testing Ltd is an independent commercial laboratory & test consultancy, serving the private, public, conservation, commercial, & industrial sectors.

Unlike most of the larger laboratories, which have tended to sacrifice personal service for a more 'factory-orientated' approach, our clients can rely on us for a specialised Physical & Chemical testing, interpretation, & problem solving service, individually matched to each customer's requirements.

Our services include:-

  • Historic building materials analysis a speciality.
  • Environmental Contamination analysis & assessment.
  • Soils Physical & Chemical Testing & Classification e.g. BS1377 Atterberg Limits / Plasticity Index, Sieve Analysis, pH & Sulphate.
  • Structural Materials analysis; Hardened Concrete, Screed, Mortar, Render, Plaster; Bricks & Blocks; Hydraulic Lime, 'Fat' Lime.
  • Cement Content & Mix Proportion / Mix Detail determinations.
  • Investigation & diagnosis of defects & deleterious components within concrete structures, as a precursor to an effective repair solution; (remediation unlikely to be durable if the causes of the concrete deterioration are not identified & treated in addition to the effects)
  • Corrosion of embedded reinforcement.
  • Bridge & Concrete Surveys; Depth of Cover to Reinforcement (Covermeter), Carbonation Depth, Half Cell Potential, Chloride Ion & Sulphate ingress, Total Alkalis.
  • Asbestos fibre identification.
  • Quality Control testing / monitoring.
  • Testing to published spec.; BSI, EN, BRE, & International Standards.
  • Personalised problem solving service, using rigorous scientific approach.
  • Liaison with client for design & implementation of new tests.
  • Provide lead paint and dust test kits for laboratory analysis.
  • Laboratory determination of lead content of soil or water.
  • Swab, wipe, and vacuum sampling of lead contaminated carpets and surfaces.
  • Lead paint - Analysis for Lead and other toxic metals in paint.
  • Lead dust - Residential and commercial survey of lead dust / residual lead in dust.
  • Advice on clean-up of lead paint dust that has been inappropriately sanded.
  • Lead test - Lead clearance tests following contractor refurbishment or redecoration works.
  • Afterclean Leadcheck - Construction dust and after builders cleaning lead check.

Paint Toxicity and Risk

An in depth article on paint toxicity and risk assessment, written by us for The Building Conservation Directory 2018.

Case Studies

Concrete Beams
Concrete Beams

Sampling and in-situ testing of pre-stressed concrete roof beams.

Historic Stone
Historic Stone

Historic building materials analysis and historic stone analysis.


Soil Heave Factsheet
Soil Heave Factsheet

Causes of Soil Heave; Liquidity Index; Frost susceptible soils. (Updated 05th July 2000)

Calcium Silicate Masonry / Brick Factsheet
Calcium Silicate Masonry / Brick Factsheet

What is Calcium Silicate Masonry / Brick; XRD procedure; Typical XRD results. (Updated 12th August 2002)