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Independent commercial laboratory & test consultancy
Consulting Historic Buildings, Environmental & Materials Scientists
Serving the private, public, conservation, commercial & industrial sectors

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Laboratory and Testing Services

Heritage Testing Ltd is an independent commercial laboratory & test consultancy, serving the private, public, conservation, commercial, & industrial sectors.

Unlike most of the larger laboratories, which have tended to sacrifice personal service for a more 'factory-orientated' approach, our clients can rely on us for a specialised Physical & Chemical testing, interpretation, & problem solving service, individually matched to each customer's requirements.

Our services include:-

  • Historic building materials analysis a speciality.
  • Environmental Contamination analysis & assessment.
  • Soils Physical & Chemical Testing & Classification e.g. BS1377 Atterberg Limits / Plasticity Index, Sieve Analysis, pH & Sulphate.
  • Structural Materials analysis; Hardened Concrete, Screed, Mortar, Render, Plaster; Bricks & Blocks; Hydraulic Lime, 'Fat' Lime.
  • Cement Content & Mix Proportion / Mix Detail determinations.
  • Investigation & diagnosis of defects & deleterious components within concrete structures, as a precursor to an effective repair solution; (remediation unlikely to be durable if the causes of the concrete deterioration are not identified & treated in addition to the effects)
  • Corrosion of embedded reinforcement.
  • Bridge & Concrete Surveys; Depth of Cover to Reinforcement (Covermeter), Carbonation Depth, Half Cell Potential, Chloride Ion & Sulphate ingress, Total Alkalis.
  • Asbestos fibre identification.
  • Quality Control testing / monitoring.
  • Testing to published spec.; BSI, EN, BRE, & International Standards.
  • Personalised problem solving service, using rigorous scientific approach.
  • Liaison with client for design & implementation of new tests.
  • Provide lead paint and dust test kits for laboratory analysis.
  • Laboratory determination of lead content of soil or water.
  • Swab, wipe, and vacuum sampling of lead contaminated carpets and surfaces.
  • Lead paint - Analysis for Lead and other toxic metals in paint.
  • Lead dust - Residential and commercial survey of lead dust / residual lead in dust.
  • Advice on clean-up of lead paint dust that has been inappropriately sanded.
  • Lead test - Lead clearance tests following contractor refurbishment or redecoration works.
  • Afterclean Leadcheck - Construction dust and after builders cleaning lead check.

Case Studies

Concrete Beams
Concrete Beams

Sampling and in-situ testing of pre-stressed concrete roof beams.

Historic Stone
Historic Stone

Historic building materials analysis and historic stone analysis.


Soil Heave Factsheet
Soil Heave Factsheet

Causes of Soil Heave; Liquidity Index; Frost susceptible soils. (Updated 05th July 2000)

Calcium Silicate Masonry / Brick Factsheet
Calcium Silicate Masonry / Brick Factsheet

What is Calcium Silicate Masonry / Brick; XRD procedure; Typical XRD results. (Updated 12th August 2002)